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Building Level Goals 2011-12

District Wide Goals

William O. Schaefer
Tappan Zee Elementary
Cottage Lane
South Orangetown Middle School
Tappan Zee High School

Students in our classes today arrive at school with different learning styles and different experiences.  Their emotional and social maturity levels are all very different.  Their interests differ.  They also will have different levels of academic readiness.  Any given student's interest and readiness can change over time and differ based on the subject.  Therefore it is clear that teachers have multiple challenges meeting the needs of the diverse learners in their classrooms each day.  We hope to provide information and resources on this blog to help teachers and parents enhance their understanding and skills so they can better meet the needs of the diverse learners in their classrooms. The way that the diverse learners needs are met in the classroom is through differentiation.  Differentiation of instruction is the teacher's response to the learner's needs, passions, strengths and interests.  Differentiation is guided by general principles such as:  respectful tasks, flexible grouping and ongoing assessment and adjustment.  Teachers can differentiate the content, process or product according to  student's readiness, interests or learning style using a range of instructional strategies.  We will be exploring and advancing this work in each curriculum area this year.  You will see this work addressed in the building and district goals as well as all of the professional learning we have planned.