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Welcome to Dr. Rotjan’s class and the 2017-2018 school year!


Hello students and parents. Welcome to my website! Here, you’ll find information about the strings/orchestra program in SOCSD at the elementary and middle schools. You’ll also find some links that might be useful to you.

I’ll be using this site to post important course documents for parents as they become available through the school year. These will include letters about concerts, trips, fundraisers, festivals, and so on.

Assignments for students will be posted to our Google Classroom page. So will audio links for the pieces we are playing. We will all get set up on the Google Classroom within the first few weeks of school. 

The course expectations and the welcome letter will be posted below, under “News and Documents.”

NEWS and Documents: 

First day of school is September 5! You do not need your instruments on the first day.

Email: mrotjan@socsd.org

Office Hours:

Please sign up for Office Hours using the sheet posted on the orchestra room door.

Extra Help:

You are welcome to see me during my office hours for extra help in orchestra. I am happy to give practice tips and help with music if needed. You may contact me via e-mail or voicemail.

8th Grade Orchestra, 2010-2011

8th Grade Orchestra, 2010-2011

Instrument Rental Information:

Instruments can be rented from the company of your choice. Both Universal Music and Music and Arts/Guitar Center (formerly Victor’s House of Music) deliver directly to the school. Many parents choose one of these two for their convenience and quality of service. Please contact me for more information.

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